According to a report, GM's Hummer EV is heavy and inefficient.According to a report, GM's Hummer EV is heavy and inefficient.

According to an article published on Tuesday by Car and Driver, GM’s Hummer may have turned over a new electronic leaf, but there are certain relics of the old Hummer that it just couldn’t leave behind.

That is to say; the new GMC Hummer EV’s claimed curb weight of 9,063 pounds and “not-so-good-Al” 47 MPGe efficiency. While it should go without saying that electric vehicles are often heavier than their internal-combustion-engine counterparts, the curb weight that GM submitted to the EPA appears excessive. For example, the 2022 GMC Sierra 3500 HD AT4 with the 6.6L diesel V8 and a crew cab weighs in at 7,059 pounds as a reference.

For some context, the 131 kWh extended-range battery pack on Ford’s F-150 Lightning (which Ford states has a curb weight of around 6,500 pounds) claims around 300 miles of range, while the Rivian R1T with its optional Max Pack battery claims around 400 miles (though this is pending EPA review). In addition, the Rivian received a 70 MPGe rating from the EPA, making the Hummer’s 47 MPGe appear even worse.

The flagship Edition 1 model, according to GM, has a maximum range of 329 miles. Given all that weight, the amount of space available for batteries, and GM’s much-touted Ultium battery technology, it’s a somewhat disappointing statistic. Oh, and what about that 329-mile range? This consumes a massive 212.7 kilowatt-hours of power. Weight and aerodynamics, as well as having 1,000 horsepower or more, are having an impact.

The range isn’t everything, though, and while the Hummer appears to be inefficient in general, it’s still sufficiently solid and capable off-road, as our guy Craig Cole discovered when he drove it in preproduction form last October. Plus, it’s stylish, which counts for something.

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