Ahead of the return to work, Meta downgrades opulent employee benefits.Ahead of the return to work, Meta downgrades opulent employee benefits.

Employees at Meta were allegedly notified on Friday that privileges like free laundry and dry cleaning had been eliminated. In contrast, the free dinner had been postponed — all in all, a few minor cutbacks among a plethora of perks that might be a portent of things to come for the tech industry.

Employers are pushing staff to return to workplaces in every industry with lucky employees to work from home during the epidemic. However, as Meta workers have realized, job benefits may not be what they used to be, according to The New York Times. For example, their complimentary supper has been pushed back from 6 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., past the final free shuttle and preventing staff from packing them into to-go boxes to save for later.

Workers protested in comments below the internal Meta post announcing the changes about the diminished benefits and the impact of the changes on working culture. However, Meta management backed the reforms and chastised workers who objected, blaming them on a sense of entitlement.

Meta acknowledged to CMT that it would change on-campus services to “meet our evolving business demands” when contacted for comment. As the firm moves to a hybrid work model in 2022, certain on-campus facilities will be phased out, and some of those services will be funded by a wellness stipend that was recently increased from $700 to $3,000.

“As we return to the office,” Tracy Clayton, a Meta spokesman, told CMT via email, “we’ve altered on-site services and facilities to match the demands of our hybrid workforce better.” “We think that in the future, people and teams will be more scattered, and we’re dedicated to creating an experience that enables everyone to succeed.”

Meta postponed its return to the office due to a spike in infections caused by the omicron COVID-19 variant, and the company gave employees until March 14 to decide whether they’d go into offices or continue working remotely, as the tech industry began to announce their return-to-office dates in April and May.

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