Apple Watch 8 Rumors Will We Get a Bigger Design and New Health Features.Apple Watch 8 Rumors Will We Get a Bigger Design and New Health Features.

Apple is expected to release a slew of new goods in 2022, including the Apple Watch 8. (To name a few, there’s the iPhone SE 3 and the iPhone 14.) Every year after the first Apple Watch debuted in 2015, a new edition of the high-tech watch has been released. This year will most likely be no different; however, we haven’t heard anything about an Apple Watch release date yet.

Apart from feature enhancements like a bigger screen, quicker charging, and enhanced durability, Apple didn’t make many substantial modifications to the Series 7, which was announced alongside the iPhone 13 series in September. That suggests Apple might be laying the groundwork for a more significant redesign of the next-generation Apple Watch, particularly in the health sector, given the ongoing reality of the COVID-19 epidemic. However, according to specific reports, some new health functions may be a few years away.

Apple Watch Series 8 might have a thermometer and blood pressure monitoring feature.

Apple had long-term health objectives for its popular wrist accessory years before the epidemic, with CEO Tim Cook declaring health as Apple’s “biggest contribution to mankind.” However, according to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is working on various health features, some of which might be included in the Watch Series 8 (or whatever Apple decides to call it) as early as this year. A thermometer, which may be used to aid with fertility planning (but it might also be used to identify fevers in the future), as well as a blood pressure monitor, are among the features. According to the Wall Street Journal, the latter would function by employing sensors to measure the speed of the pulse a heartbeat transmits through a person’s arteries.

Unlike typical blood pressure monitoring cuffs usually wrapped around the upper arm, it will not offer baseline systolic and diastolic blood pressure values. According to the research, it will instead inform you how your blood pressure is trending. A comparable blood pressure function was previously included in Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4, accessible in select countries and regions, including South Korea and Europe, where it has acquired regulatory approval. Aside from the thermometer and blood pressure monitoring, there have been factual claims that Apple is working on non-invasive blood glucose monitoring, sleep apnea detection, and vehicle collision detection in secret.

According to Bloomberg’s seasoned tech correspondent Mark Gurman, we shouldn’t hold our breath for these additional health capabilities to emerge on the next Apple Watch. In his PowerOn email, he wrote on the Series 8’s purported ability to sense body temperature, monitor blood glucose, and blood pressure: “None of these are likely to happen anytime soon. Body temperature was on the agenda for this year, but talk about it has halted recently. Blood pressure monitoring will take at least two to three years, and I wouldn’t be shocked if glucose monitoring doesn’t arrive until later in the decade.”

Apple Watch 8 Rumors: Will We Get a Bigger Design and New Health Features?

Apple Watch Series 8 might go bigger in terms of design.

Since the initial Apple Watch made waves in 2015, the device’s overall look has stayed mostly unaltered. While it appears that a makeover to a flat-edged timepiece for next year is unlikely, reports claim that Apple may expand the display of the Watch Series 7 once again. According to display analyst Ross Young’s tweets on Twitter, a third Apple Watch size might be released this year, in addition to the existing 41mm and 45mm, models announced with the Watch Series 7.

The tough Apple Watch is a new model.

According to Gurman, Apple is considering launching “with a durable case,” and a rubberized exterior meant for usage in more harsh settings than everyday use. According to the article, Apple is aiming its product towards sportspeople, hikers, and other people who would use it in extreme situations. According to the report, it will have the same functionality as a conventional Apple Watch but with superior protection and impact resistance. In 2022, Apple is likely to release the tough Apple Watch.

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