With companies like GM’s Brightdrop and Rivian getting into the game, electric cargo trucks are rapidly becoming a significant industry. But Ford wasn’t happy to let them have all the fun, so it developed E-Transit, which is currently being delivered to consumers, according to a Ford release on Tuesday.

Of course, production at Ford’s Kansas City assembly factory is now restricted, but the Blue Oval is already seeking to increase output, having spent $100 million in the site. In addition, the Kansas City factory is unusual in that it is presently Ford’s only EV operation that produces both automobiles and battery packs in-house.

According to Ford’s statement, over 300 commercial clients have already placed orders for upwards of 10,000 E-Transits, which is impressive given the cargo van’s restricted 126-mile range and not-insignificant $48,880 introductory price (including a $1,695 destination fee). However, because that price excludes any fleet discounts or tax advantages buyers may be eligible for, actual purchase prices may be lower.

The E-Transit may be equipped with Ford’s Pro Power onboard generator as well as Ford Pro Charging, making it a one-stop-shop for business purchasers looking to convert their fleets to electric vehicles.

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