Here's why contemporary technology makes windshield repair a pain.Here's why contemporary technology makes windshield repair a pain.

A great deal of current technology is a lifesaver in terms of making our lives easier. However, it may occasionally make simple actions a colossal agony. Repairing a windshield comes into the latter type. Folks, the days of using a windshield as a piece of glass are long gone. Instead, contemporary automotive technology makes it so much more than just a way to keep precipitation out. Unfortunately, these repairs are also becoming much more expensive.

The first is the addition of cameras or other sensors to the windshield, which gaze out at the road alongside you. “They’re becoming increasingly popular on a variety of automobiles,” says Aaron Schulenburg, executive director of the Society of Collision Repair Specialists, a trade association for collision repair workers. “Operations that were formerly very easy now necessitate complicated diagnostic and calibration effort.”

That method isn’t simple during a windshield repair, so the driver doesn’t have a false sense of security when their car is returned. When a windshield has been removed, certain carmakers advise against reusing it. And the problem is extending to other areas of the vehicle: Bumper coverings on Ford automobiles with advanced driver-assistance systems should be replaced if they need more than a paint job, according to Ford.

A head-up projector, as well as technology connected to automatic wipers or self-dimming high beams, may be displayed on a modern car’s windshield. Repair shops regularly use suitable quality aftermarket components to keep costs down as automobiles have become more sophisticated; however, Ford, Honda, and FCA all advise against using aftermarket windshields. BMW even requests that special electromagnetic compatibility screws be used in repairs to avoid interfering with ADAS functions.

Such surgeries should be covered by adequate insurance, but that doesn’t mean your insurer approves. According to Schulenburg, “a lot of these technologies have been driven by… the insurance sector, which is attempting to reduce accident frequency.” “Unfortunately, insurance firms are behind the curve when it comes to comprehending and underwriting these repair processes,” says the author. A $500 windshield replacement yesterday might cost thousands of dollars today.

That isn’t to say it isn’t worthwhile. On the contrary, according to a recent Reuters research of the adoption of various ADAS technology, it can significantly lower accident rates. As a result, it’s spreading across automobile makers and models. So, prepare for a more complex repair that may not be completed in 45 minutes without leaving your driveway.

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