'Meta, Metamates, Me' is one of Facebook's new values.'Meta, Metamates, Me' is one of Facebook's new values.

In October, Facebook changed its name to Meta to reflect its focus on creating virtual environments where people may work, play, and interact in the metaverse. The social media behemoth is now revising its ideals.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed six of the company’s new principles in a statement to Facebook staff. Move quickly, focus on the long-term effect, make wonderful things, live in the future, and be straightforward and respectful to your coworkers are among the values. “Meta, Metamates, Me,” the last value, is a play on the Navy motto “Ship, Shipmate, Self.”

“It’s about our shared feeling of accountability for our team’s success and each other as teammates. It’s about looking after our business and each other “In the message, which he released publicly on Facebook on Tuesday, Zuckerberg wrote. Facebook’s ideals were written in 2007.

The social network’s makeover and new ideals demonstrate how Facebook is attempting to repair its tarnished reputation as it concentrates on what Zuckerberg believes will be the mobile internet’s successor. Politicians, advocacy organizations, and others have criticized the social network for failing to safeguard user privacy and prevent hate speech and disinformation. According to The New York Times, some Meta employees are also asking whether the firm should continue to develop new products without first addressing all of the issues with its social networking platform. In the metaverse, Meta will likely have a tougher difficulty controlling unpleasant content like online harassment, which is already a challenge the business is dealing with in virtual reality.

Meanwhile, Meta’s issues continue to worsen.

On Monday, Attorney General Ken Paxton of Texas filed a lawsuit against Meta, accusing the firm of breaking state privacy rules by acquiring biometric data on tens of millions of Texans without sufficient authorization. The “claims are without merit,” according to a Meta representative.

Facebook also announced on Tuesday that it would change the name of its News Feed to Feed to represent the wide range of material available on the platform.

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