Reservations for the Subaru Solterra EV are now open.Reservations for the Subaru Solterra EV are now open.

You can reserve the new Subaru Solterra for 2023 starting today. The company’s first fully electric vehicle is the upcoming crossover SUV. The Solterra is the latest example of Toyota’s long-standing partnership with the Japanese automaker, which will market a similar model under the BZ4X nameplate.

The Solterra will come equipped with a new electric version of Subaru’s famous symmetrical all-wheel-drive system, which is billed as the company’s most sophisticated vehicle to date. It will have a range of over 220 miles, which is oddly short of Toyota’s own, very similar to BZ4X’s range estimate of 250 miles.

Subaru plans to begin deliveries of the 2023 Solterra this summer. Unfortunately, only a few reservation slots are available, and each one will cost $250. This reservation fee is refundable if you change your mind and decide not to proceed with an order. You and your local Subaru dealer will agree on final vehicle pricing between April and May of this year.

Subaru also revealed that it has partnered with EVgo, a national charging-network company, as part of the reservation process announcement.

Subaru refuses to provide any further information beyond Tuesday’s statement.

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