The battle between Godzilla and King Kong will continue in an Apple TV series.

Godzilla and King Kong had best get ready for another battle. Although the dust has settled on the run of films in which famous monsters face-off, Apple TV Plus aims to stream new MonsterVerse adventures.

Showrunner Chris Black (Star Trek: Enterprise, Desperate Housewives) and comic book artist Matt Fraction will collaborate on the project (currently hot for the reinvention of Hawkeye that heavily influenced the Disney Plus series).

The MonsterVerse, a collaboration between Legendary Entertainment and Warner Bros. Pictures, debuted in 2014 with a new Godzilla film in the United States, followed by Kong: Skull Island in 2017 and Godzilla: King of the Monsters in 2019. Godzilla vs. Kong, a box office success in 2021, pitted the two monsters against each other.

The series will chronicle one family’s quest to unearth hidden mysteries that connect them to Monarch, the secret monster-hunting organization featured in the movie.

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