Verizon's 5G Home service is now available in 900 markets.Verizon's 5G Home service is now available in 900 markets.

Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network, which began rolling out C-band frequency utilization on Wednesday, has expanded the availability of its 5G fixed wireless home internet product. Verizon 5G Home Internet was accessible in 65 cities in December. That number has more than tenfold increased since then.

Brian Danfield, vice president, Commercial and 5G Strategic Planning, told CMT on the Ultra-Wideband launch, “We’re talking about roughly 900 cities presently.” “It’s now available in a far wider range of locations. The story shifts, and the dynamic shifts as well.”

The availability of Verizon 5G Home in 900 locations is a giant leap forward from T-Mobile Home Internet, which is now available in just over 600 cities nationally. Nonetheless, T-Mobile’s service is still open to more homes. It was launched in over 30 million houses, while Verizon’s fixed wireless internet is available in over 20 million homes.

“We believe consumers are seeking alternatives,” Danfield said, noting that Verizon wireless users may trial 5G Home for half price. “That is what we aspire to be. In this place, we hope to cause a stir.”

Danfield went on to say that the current expansion of 5G Home, as well as the company’s existing LTE, fixed wireless solution, are all part of the company’s efforts to develop a national broadband offering for consumers that goes far beyond Verizon Fios, the company’s fiber internet service available primarily in the Northeast.

“What we’ve committed to, and what we’re currently working toward,” Danfield said, “is that by 2025, we’ll cover 50 million households.” “We’ll aspire to accomplish it even sooner, but that’s our objective. We predicted that we’d reach 15 million by the end of 2021, and we’re already at 20 million.”

Verizon 5G Home Internet offers up to 1 gigabit download speed and average download speeds of roughly 300 megabits per second. In addition, Verizon 5G Home costs $50 per month and comes with a two-year price guarantee, while Verizon 5G Home Plus costs $70 per month and comes with a three-year price guarantee and other amenities. There are no commitments, data limitations, or additional costs with either plan, and all equipment is included.

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