Waze's driving map now includes EV charging facilities

Waze can now help you discover and drive to nearby electric vehicle (EV) charging stations across the United States, making it as simple as finding a gas station. If Waze is your preferred navigation app, you can also look for charging stations along your trip, which should make finding a charging station a little less stressful.

For this project, Waze has teamed up with Volkswagen. As a result, you may change your car symbol in the app to Volkswagen’s all-electric ID 4 SUV as part of the campaign (in case you’re bored of polluting the virtual air with your cartoon smiley face on wheels).

This could provide the boost the Google-owned navigation tool needs to catch up to its more widespread sibling, Google Maps, which has been showing EV charging stations since 2018. Google Maps also allows users to filter stations by EV charger plug types, displays which stations are currently in use, and even utilizes AI to assist you in planning EV trips.

It’s also worth noting that with iOS 14, Apple Maps added a feature that allows you to plan your trip around EV charging stations. If your vehicle is compatible with the app, Apple Maps can even watch your battery and add appropriate charging stations to your route if it runs out.

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