In 2021, Google deleted over 3 billion ads and 5.6 million advertiser accounts.In 2021, Google deleted over 3 billion ads and 5.6 million advertiser accounts.

Google’s crackdown on advertising breaches resulted in many account suspensions and deletions. On Wednesday, the firm released its Advertisements Safety Report for 2021, stating that it has removed 3.4 billion ads, limited over 5.7 billion ads, and suspended over 5.6 million advertiser accounts.

Google’s vice president of product management, advertisements privacy, and safety, Scott Spencer, claimed in a blog post that the search giant improved its enforcement techniques last year. Along with changing standards for companies and publications, the tech giant also established a new three-strikes rule to target deceptive activities, unsuitable material, hazardous items, and other issues. Repeat offenders face the consequences, with the third strike resulting in account suspension.

Over 650 million advertisements were deleted for exploiting the ad network, while over 280 million ads were banned for violating adult content regulations. Trademarks, gambling, alcohol, health care, and deception were among the other reasons for removal. Google also took action against over 600,000 individual publisher sites, preventing improper advertisements from appearing on roughly 2 billion pages.

The news follows the company’s announcement of an upgrade to its online safety procedures, allowing users to request that their personal information be removed from the search engine. Users may now request that Google remove medical records, personal contact information, and other personally identifying information from their accounts.

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