Amid the Ukraine conflict, TikTok will label content from state-controlled media.Amid the Ukraine conflict, TikTok will label content from state-controlled media.

TikTok will begin notifying users that the videos they’re watching are from state-controlled media in reaction to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

According to an official blog post on Friday, TikTok began working on a tool to add labels to state-controlled media last year and is releasing it early while the war in Ukraine continues. The business will start putting labels on content from select state-controlled media accounts to provide context to viewers in the coming days.

Similar to other TikTok banners, the state-controlled media label will show at the bottom of videos when consumers search for content. TikTok verified through email that the first accounts to receive labels would be from Russian state-controlled media. After consultation with over 50 experts from 20 countries, the business defined state-controlled media as “entity for whom a government has direct or indirect influence over their editorial content or decision-making.”

TikTok also prohibits content that is being fact-checked or cannot be proven from being presented in “For You” suggested feeds to counteract disinformation. According to the company, the platform has also developed tools to recognize and respond to live streams that broadcast “unoriginal or deceptive content,” according to the company.

“We are committed to preventing, detecting, and deterring influence operations on our platform, and our systems assist us in identifying, blocking, and removing inauthentic accounts, engagements, and other related actions on TikTok,” according to the official blog post.

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