With an action-packed 20th anniversary video, SpaceX relives its greatest hits.With an action-packed 20th anniversary video, SpaceX relives its greatest hits.

SpaceX was founded on March 14, 2002, and has been busy ever since. First, the firm celebrated its 20th anniversary with a boisterous whirlwind retrospective video. “Today, we celebrate SpaceX’s inception and 20 years of achievements by this fantastic team — here’s to building a future that we can all be thrilled about,” SpaceX tweeted.

Archival images of rocket launches and landings, as well as boisterous mission control celebrations, are sprinkled throughout the film. In addition, shots of the Dragon capsule in orbit, satellite deployments, and Starship prototype testing are included in the highlight video.

Elon Musk’s own Tesla, of course, makes an appearance. The red automobile was famously propelled into space by the business in 2018 utilizing the Falcon Heavy rocket.

The video concludes with a lingering picture of a Starship, which is telling. Although the next-generation spacecraft has yet to enter orbit, it is intended to take passengers to the moon, Mars, and even around Earth as an alternative to flying. The video finale’s usage of Starship makes it apparent that the company’s next 20 years might be determined by creating and using the new spaceship.

Will SpaceX make a 40th birthday film featuring images of humans on Mars in 20 years? It might happen if Musk has his way.

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