On Christmas Eve, Apple employees are planning a strike.On Christmas Eve, Apple employees are planning a strike.

On Thursday, Apple Together, a union representing corporate and retail staff, stated that employees will strike on Christmas Eve “to demand improved working conditions.” According to Apple staff on Twitter, customers are asked not to cross the picket line or shop at Apple on December 24.

“We are entitled to a respectful work environment. We are entitled to paid sick days. On the front lines, we deserve to be protected. We are entitled to adequate mental health care, “According to the tweet. “With your wallet, demand that Apple maintains its image. Don’t go to the store. Don’t shop on the internet.”

This year, Apple employees have become more vocal about alleged sexual harassment and other workplace difficulties.

Cher Scarlett, an Apple software engineer who rose to prominence as the public face of the #AppleToo movement, wrote a Medium essay in August stating that sexual harassment, assault, and racism allegations are being disregarded by Apple management. As a result, Scarlett resigned from the firm in November.

Employees initiated a petition in July, requesting more flexible working arrangements in the wake of demands to return to work during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, following the introduction of the highly contagious omicron strain, Apple postponed its return to work indefinitely last week as cases began to rise again rapidly.

The US Department of Labor is investigating Apple after a former employee said that the firm retaliated against her after she voiced concerns about unsafe working conditions and workplace harassment.

A request for comment from Apple was not immediately returned.

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