Samsung announces the Galaxy S22's February launch and teases a return of the Galaxy Note.Samsung announces the Galaxy S22's February launch and teases a return of the Galaxy Note.

Samsung has confirmed that the 2022 Galaxy S phone series, which is generally believed to be dubbed the Galaxy S22, will be announced during an Unpacked event in February. In a blog post on Thursday, TM Roh, Samsung’s president and director of its mobile experience division hinted that the new lineup might feature a Galaxy Note successor.

“We’ll show you to the most significant S series gadget we’ve ever produced at Unpacked in February 2022,” Roh wrote. Customers may also register to preorder the new Galaxy smartphones when they become available on Friday at 10 a.m. ET, according to Samsung. Doing so involves qualifying for rewards such as $50 in Samsung credit towards other products.

The Galaxy Note series is mentioned several times in Samsung’s blog post, implying that it will play a part in the company’s forthcoming Galaxy S launch. Many people were “surprised” when Samsung didn’t produce a new Galaxy Note last year, leaving a significant gap in the company’s larger-sized phone line, which debuted more than a decade ago. Concerning the Note, he noted that Samsung hasn’t “forgotten about these experiences you adore.”

However, this does not rule out the possibility of a new Galaxy Note being announced at the event. According to rumors, the Galaxy S22 Ultra will effectively be a successor for the Note, and Samsung’s blog post appears to confirm this. Furthermore, Roh’s tweet concludes with a tease regarding the next Ultra series phone, fueling rumors that the Galaxy S22 Ultra may be positioned as a Note follow-up.

Anyone who has been following the Galaxy S22 rumors knows that notion isn’t new. However, reports from serial gadget tipster Steven Hemmerstoffer and blog LetsGoDigital show that the Galaxy S22 Ultra will sport a Note-like appearance with sharper square corners and an integrated pen, as demonstrated in unauthorized photographs and videos of the phone.

Last year, Samsung laid the groundwork for this move by making the Galaxy S21 Ultra compatible with its S-Pen pen, formerly one of the distinguishing features that distinguished the Note family from Samsung’s Galaxy S series. However, the Galaxy S21 Ultra, unlike the Galaxy Note, does not include an S-Pen in the box, and there is no space on the phone to store it.

Samsung would be wise to have the Galaxy Ultra series replace the Galaxy Note because the phones serve comparable functions in the company’s smartphone portfolio. The Galaxy Note was marketed as a higher-end smartphone with a larger screen, a pen, and a longer battery life. Many of those boxes are now checked by the Galaxy S Ultra, making it more difficult for Samsung to discern between them.

According to the speculations, Samsung’s regular Galaxy S22 will include quicker charging, a new CPU, and a smaller screen on the entry-level model than the Galaxy S21. There will almost certainly be camera changes since Roh claims you’ll be able to take the “best and brightest photographs and films you’ve ever taken on a phone.” When Samsung has its Unpacked event in February, we’ll learn more. Unfortunately, there was no mention of a specific date.

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