The Trump family is threatening to sue Trumpcoin, according to Eric Trump.The Trump family is threatening to sue Trumpcoin, according to Eric Trump.

Former President Donald Trump’s family, has learned about a cryptocurrency known as Trumpcoin and has threatened legal action against it.

On Monday, Eric Trump issued a “fraud notice” on Trumpcoin, claiming that the coin has no links to the Trump family. He went on to say that the cryptocurrency will face legal action.

“Fraud Alert: Someone is offering a cryptocurrency called “TrumpCoin” (Symbol ‘TRUMP.'”),” he tweeted. “This has nothing to do with our family; we disapprove of its use, and we are not linked with it in any way. There will be legal action taken.”

Trump’s tweet elicited a response from the Trumpcoin Twitter account, stating that it has never claimed to be linked with the former president’s brand. Other Twitter answers refer to the Trumpcoin FAQ website, which says that it has no links to the Trump brand.

In response to CMT, Trumpcoin reaffirmed that it was founded more than five years ago and that it is “not linked with the Trumps in any manner and has been on our website since day one.”

“We believe this is a miscommunication, and we are caught in the middle,” the Trumpcoin spokesman continued.

Trumpcoin began in February 2016, according to the FAQ. It is currently available for $0.26.

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