My wish list for the Galaxy S22 5 improvements I'd like to see from Samsung next year - CMTMy wish list for the Galaxy S22 5 improvements I'd like to see from Samsung next year - CMT

We were delighted by the Galaxy S21’s pro-level camera, colorful screen, and fast processor. What would Samsung’s rumored Galaxy S22 have in store now that the smartphone is nearly a year old? The Galaxy S22, which could be unveiled at Samsung’s Unpacked event in February, is reported to have a 200-megapixel camera and a smaller display, among other things. I have my own wish list of things I’d like to see in Samsung’s future phone as a demanding tech addict.

The Apple iPhone 13 and Google’s Pixel 6 have already been released. So Samsung’s intentions for its own phones may be influenced by such telephones. 

1. The Galaxy S22 requires an improved camera.

The camera on the S21 Ultra is excellent, with a great optical zoom that allows you to capture images that few other phones can match. However, it wasn’t a significant improvement over the S20. Both cameras had 100x zooms, 8K video, and 108-megapixel sensors. The S20 Ultra was a considerable step forward, and the S21 Ultra further refined it. However, it’s time for a significant update. Early speculations say the S22 Ultra will include a 200-megapixel sensor and much-improved zoom technologies.

That would be fantastic, but more megapixels don’t always imply better images, so I’d also like to see a larger image sensor, perhaps a 1-inch sensor. It’s no secret that a larger image sensor means a wider dynamic range in a photograph. Suppose it combined that resolution with a large sensor capable of catching gobs of light and contrast information. In that case, Samsung might have an absolutely excellent camera system on its hands.

On the other hand, Samsung must ensure that its software is up to par. More advancements are required to enable better computational photography and raw image capture. Apple’s ProRaw has blown me away: it can record stunning HDR shots while still giving me complete editing flexibility in tools like Adobe Lightroom, just like any other raw file from a DSLR. Samsung’s software isn’t quite there yet, and I’d want to see more attention paid to this area.

2. Please, Samsung, restore expandable storage.

MicroSD cards were used to expand the base storage of Samsung phones; however, that option was removed with the S21 line. Unfortunately, this implies you’re limited to the phone’s internal storage.

Lower-end versions may not be an issue, especially if you don’t take many videos or play many demanding games. Still, if you’re serious about your images and movies and chose the Ultra model, that base storage can be restricting. If you take 8K films on the S21 Ultra, you’ll know how quickly that storage fills up — and if Samsung adds 200-megapixel photographs to the S22, it’ll go much faster. I can’t even begin to grasp the size of those files. The S21 Ultra’s current maximum storage capacity of 512GB isn’t going to last long.

Even if you’re not into photography, there are plenty of glossy games on the Google Play store (such as Asphalt 9: Legends) that are several megabytes in size, requiring you to delete other apps or files to make place.

By inserting a microSD card, you may boost the storage capacity by 1TB or more, giving you plenty of room for all of your apps and media. But Samsung wouldn’t be able to charge you more for a higher-capacity device if that happened, so don’t hold your breath for this one.

3. The Samsung Galaxy S22 should have AMD graphics.

The S21 series already delivers excellent overall performance. Still, thanks to a collaboration between Samsung and AMD, we may expect a significant increase in graphics capability for gaming apps. Although this agreement was announced in 2019, Samsung has yet to include AMD hardware in its phones.

I’d want to see dedicated AMD graphics on the S22 range, pushing the limits of what we can anticipate from mobile gaming. Sure, some games already come close to rivaling the quality of older consoles, but if Samsung and AMD can push that processing power any further, a lot more console-standard titles might make their way to phones, thereby turning your phone into a capable mobile games system.

4. I’d like a Galaxy phone that’s a little smaller.

Let’s face it: today’s top-end phones with the best specs are massive. For example, the S21 Ultra has a 6.8-inch display, whereas Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max has a 6.68-inch display. That means that if you want the most exemplary performance and camera, you’ll have to stretch out your pants pockets to make room for a large slab of a phone. Also, you might want to start doing some thumb exercises to help them stretch over the screen.

I’d want to see smaller models, perhaps 6 inches or less, that don’t require you to sacrifice performance. There are reports that the base S22 models may get a modest screen reduction, which is terrific news if you have small hands. Still, the top-end Ultra model is unlikely to see any substantial size reduction. As a result, we’ll most likely be in a situation where buying a smaller phone means foregoing high-end features once again. So allow me to sew expansion panels into my pockets while you wait.

5. The price of the S22 must be reduced.

Sure, we all want the best technology, packaged in a sleek design with exciting new features. We do, however, want it to be affordable. That’s a challenging combination to pull off. Still, Samsung did manage to make the S21 series less expensive than the S20 series before it. It was required to because the S20 series didn’t sell well, partly due to financial concerns around COVID-19.

To make the S21 line more inexpensive, Samsung used a variety of strategies, including replacing the glass backs on select models with more robust plastic.  It was successful. It also reduced the asking price by a significant amount. While the base Galaxy S20 retailed for $1,000, the base Galaxy S21 retailed for $800. So I’m looking forward to seeing similar judgments made with the S22, resulting in a fantastic all-around mobile experience at a reasonable price.

So what I’m looking for is a powerful, AMD-powered phone with the best camera in the world that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, is reasonably priced, and allows you to expand the storage on the cheap. Isn’t it a reasonable request, Samsung? Guys, it’s time for you to step up.

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